Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
VDI service offers customers Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on RTK-DC data centers compute capacity. Customers can lease certain number of virtual desktops equipped with OS and parameters set up according to billing plan.
The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure service is based on RTK-DC’s own data center network as well as on hardware and software solutions from world leading vendors:
VDI infrastructure is designed and created as a fault-tolerant service, continuously available even in case of any or several physical infrastructure nodes failure.
RTK-DC’s VDI service provides workstation and OS resources to the only (individual) user, as distinct from competitors solutions offering remote desktop through conventional terminal servers.
VDI key benefits (in comparison to conventional PCs):
  • Desktop access from any device connected to the internet via web browser
  • High information security level. Data is better protected when stored on the data center server rather than on individual devices
  • Setting up new desktops as well as increasing existing desktops’ performance require no CAPEX
  • No need for client equipment upgrade
Wide range of billing options
Flexible pricing policy
24x7 support
guaranteed SLA
Centralized service management through online account
Windows OS and internet expenses are already included into service cost
VDI integration with own DNS and AD services option
Dedicated L2 channel option
Additional software for lease option

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