MSK-IX — a part of RTK-DC Group. It offers its clients Internet Exchange services.
MSK-IX accelerates communications between Internet companies by providing neutral Internet eXchange for IP peering and global distributed network of DNS servers for top-level domains.
Connection to MSK-IX
Connection to MSK-IX net is made as a part of comprehensive Internet Exchange service. It is designed for Internet network operators and allows to solve a wide range of operator’s tasks:
Public peering to enhance information resources availability, cut down expenses on traffic transit, provide redundant network routes
Virtual channels and virtual private networks (802.1 VLAN) organization between MSK-IX sites to be used by one or more participants
Last miles for fast client connecting and access to service providers
Open/closed content distribution model including multicast technology
Internetworking (peering) between MSK-IX participants is based on direct bilateral agreements. Networks set up BGP internetworking after agreement is arranged, and then MSK-IX Moscow Internet Exchange Center JSC doesn’t affect participants peering policy anyhow
Participation in new technologies development, standards elaboration, services creation (IPv6, RIPE NCC RIS, ENUM)
Moscow Internet Exchange service includes:
  • data transmission communication services according to MSK-IX Moscow Internet Exchange Center JSC license;
  • traffic connection and transit by operator’s request;
  • Route Server service access by operator’s request;
  • DNS Server service access;
  • Caching DNS Server service access;
  • NTP Server service access;
  • technical support and consulting.