Secure Virtual Data Center (VDC.152)
Secure Virtual Data Center (VDC.152)
This service is designed for customers whose business processes include Russian Federation citizens’ Personal Data (PD) processing and storage. VDC.152 service complies with all the legislation requirements to such processes. Complementary documents are also available to confirm VDC.152 fully complies with authorities requirements to Personal Data protection.
Personal Data processing and storage are regulated by Russian Federation law and other by-laws
Secure Virtual Data Center service provides the customer with all the package of complementary documentation to be presented to regulating authority. RTK-DC ensures documentation compliance with statutory requirements over whole service lifecycle.
Comprehensive documentation package to confirm that own information system complies with Personal Data protection requirements as well as to certify it
Fast scalability without any CAPEX
Compliance with laws on Personal Data protection without any costs on purchase and operation of technical solutions protecting Personal Data Information System
Technical support 24x7x365
Fault-tolerant solution on basis of leading vendors’ products
Infrastructure allocated to own data center
Customer can certify own Personal Data information system on basis of VDC.152 service if needed.
System certification is to be done by Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) license holder, that is authorized to carry out such certifications.
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