Web Sites Protection and Acceleration
Web Sites Protection and Acceleration
NGENIX Company — a part of RTK-DC Group. It offers wide range of services for multimedia content distributed delivery based on CDN technology:
NGENIX. protect
DDoS attacks prevention and web resource protection from illegal distribution of your content
NGENIX. scale
Scaling of own OTT platform for online video delivery
NGENIX. stream
Web casts and 24x7 online broadcasting
NGENIX. update
Efficient software updates and game distribution kits delivery
NGENIX. accelerate
Site acceleration and web applications optimization
NGENIX. reach
Video-by-request delivery through the internet connection of any speed
We offer consultations on all the range of manageable CDN services to facilitate optimal configuration and service setup for our clients. Technical support is available 24x7 as well as an access to client’s portal.