M-9 is an operator of Telehouse – a neutral data center. M-9 is the largest neutral colocation site for B2O, B2B, and SOHO business segments in Moscow region
Building total area
40 938 sq. m
Surrounding territory area
12 500 sq. m
Overall Compute Space
7 684 sq. m
Total facility power
15,3 MW
Total Number of Racks
2 240
Number of Leased/Colocated Racks
1 428

One platform offers full scope of information system maintenance services, equipment colocation, software and hardware as a service, network and exchange nodes access.
M-9 security system includes armed guard on-site 24х7x365. System uses HID Proximity cards and IP CCTV.
Telehouse control center disposes 24x7 remote control for all technical and engineering security subsystems on-site.
M-9 power supply system: 5 feeding centers and Diesel-Generator Sets providing 15.3 MW for the site.
In case of power failure backup power supply starts automatically, through UPS equipment or DC power supply.
M-9 total cooling capacity is 11.2 MW.
All technical rooms and spaces are covered by automatic centralized or modular gaseous fire suppression systems.